Friday, February 28, 2014


by: Chuck Hustmyre

NEW ORLEANS, 1919. For nearly a decade, a ruthless killer has prowled the streets of this city, breaking into homes and hacking people to death with an ax. His victims have included men, women, even a child. He leaves few clues, and no one can stop him. Even his motives are unclear. The police seem baffled. Is he a vendetta agent or a bloodthirsty maniac? Echoing Jack the Ripper from three decades earlier, the killer even writes a letter to a local newspaper and refers to himself as a "demon from hottest hell."

But Detective Colin Fitzgerald, a wounded Army veteran who recently returned from The Great War, is prepared to do whatever it takes to catch the Axman. What Fitzgerald is not prepared for are the shocking secrets his investigation will uncover, secrets that stretch to the top levels of the Police Department and City Hall, and reach back decades to the assassination of a legendary police chief and even to the murder of Fitzgerald's own father.

THE AXMAN OF NEW ORLEANS is available as an ebook and in trade paperback from many online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

CHUCK HUSTMYRE is a former federal agent and journalist. He is the author of the bestselling true crime book KILLER WITH A BADGE and now works full-time as a novelist and screenwriter. He wrote the 2011 Lionsgate film "House of the Rising Sun" and the upcoming films "End of the Gun" and "BLINK: Black Ops." For more information


"Hustmyre brings to life the dark underworld of The Big Easy reminiscent of Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles. Detective fiction doesn’t get any better than this!" --Gary C. King, author of RAGE and AN ALMOST PERFECT MURDER

"Bloody murder and mayhem at the turn of the century--the 20th century. THE AXMAN OF NEW ORLEANS is a chilling walk through a horrible nightmare." --O'Neil De Noux, Shamus and Derringer Award winning author of BATTLE KISS

"Hustmyre is as gritty and in-your-face as can be, making readers feel like they're poring over a real-life crime scene." --Anne Barringer, The Best Reviews

"Chuck Hustmyre's THE AXMAN OF NEW ORLEANS is one of the best historical novels ever written." --Kevin M. Sullivan, author of THE BUNDY MURDERS

"THE AXMAN OF NEW ORLEANS picks you up at the first page and doesn’t let you down until the last." --Harry MacLean, Edgar-Award winning author of IN BROAD DAYLIGHT and THE PAST IS NEVER DEAD

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