Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Ketchup with Everything" and "Devil Let Me Go" by Nathan Robinson

Ketchup with Everything
For the past twenty years, Elliott Tather has been living a life of mourning that almost destroyed him. After losing everything he held dear and bound by a consuming sorrow, Tather travels the country attempting to fix a wrong that haunts his every waking and dreaming moment. But one evening after pulling into a roadside diner to settle down with a simple cup of coffee, the door opens and everything changes. The nothing he had, and the regret that filled it will never be the same again.

Whatever you do, make sure you order Ketchup on Everything.

From the author of ‘Starers’ and the short story collection ‘Devil Let Me Go’ comes a troubling, heart wrenching tale of despair, loss and what might come afterwards.

Devil Let Me Go

Containing 13 stories of intrigue and terror, Devil Let Me Go is the first short story collection from emerging new horror talent, Nathan Robinson, author of the acclaimedStarers published by Severed Press. Featuring the tales The House that Creak’d., Top of the Heap, Crack’d, Not That Way Home, In One Form or Another, If you ever meet a girl named Maisie Mae, Eat your Heart out Lorena, Banana Boxes, Brian of the Night, The Skeleton Tree, The Chicken in Black , Colder than Hell up here and Fallen. Each story takes the reader into the dark heart of humanity.

Available on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

Devil Let Me Go 

Author Bio:
Nathan Robinson lives in Scunthorpe with his wife and two monsters/children. His debut novel "Starers" was released by Severed Press to much acclaim. He followed this up with his first short story collection "Devil Let Me Go". He's currently writing his second novel "Starving Martians" and compiling his second short story collection. In Febuary he'll be releasing his E-book exclusive "Ketchup with Everything".

As well as an audio adaptation of one of his stories, a short film and a stage play are currently in pre-production.

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